Day 1 is here!

Hey guys! Today is Day 1 of my plan to count calories, eat mindfully, and work out for an entire year! Today has gone very well, I stayed within my calorie count today, so yay! My energy level today is pretty good, and I’m feeling great. (But who doesn’t feel great on day 1 of a diet regimen right?!)

I have a couple healthy recipes to share- I made the most amazing healthy recipe last night for dinner, and it was husband approved! spicychickengreenbeans

It was Chinese Green Beans with Turkey over Rice (though I used ground chicken), you can find the recipe here.

And then this morning I made protein pancakes since I had some time before I went to church this morning (hardly ever happens, haha). I have tried A LOT of healthy pancake recipes over the last couple of years and most of them are a little… eh. They sorta kinda taste like pancakes. But this recipe is truly amazing and you HAVE to make them! I topped mine with fruit and some sugar free syrup and they were amazing, they would also make a good post workout snack!

You can find the recipe for these proteinpancakepancakes here.

I get so many of my recipes off of Pinterest it’s crazy! But I love it, there are so many healthy recipes out there to choose from. I am not an inventor but I am great at following other people’s recipes, haha! Well good luck to everyone in their fitness journeys, I’m off to do some laundry… 😦 Here’s hoping March brings some warm spring weather! NC has been covered in snow for WAAAY too long and I’m about ready to wear my flipflops again!


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