Day 2 and Feeling Awesome!

Ok so it’s day 2 and I’m still doing great! I’ve been counting my calories so far today and have stayed on track. Tonight and tomorrow my husband and I plan to celebrate our 2 year anniversary! Actually our anniversary was February 23rd but my husband got sick all last Sunday night and all day Monday so THAT was out of the question. So tonight and tomorrow will be anniversary Take Two!

Since we're Quakers we thought it would be cute to get everyone to throw oatmeal!

Since we’re Quakers we thought it would be cute to get everyone to throw oatmeal!

This is a picture of us on our wedding day- honestly one of the very best days of my life! I have been trying to plan my meals and snacks carefully today since tonight we are having pizza and wine and I want to enjoy every last drop! I think all kinds of food are ok as long as you have high calorie ones in moderation, and that’s what I plan to do tonight and tomorrow. This morning I got in a great T25 workout (I have a love/hate relationship with Shaun T…) and I am really proud of myself for sticking with T25. This will be my 6th week doing those workouts. Unfortunately last month I was not very diligent with my nutrition and so now I know my pitfall- cheat days just don’t work for me. They are a slippery slope for me so I’m trying not to think of any food as “bad”, I just try to really watch how much I eat of them. I will update soon with all the awesome food my husband and I will be having tomorrow, we are total foodies! We love food particularly from other countries. Tomorrow I know Indian is on the list, and I am really excited!


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