Anniversary Celebration, Take II

Hey guys! Today I’m going to play a little catchup from the last couple of days, which have been great! To celebrate my husband and my anniversary, Monday night we had wine and pizza with salami, sausage, and red peppers. It was awesome! I try to buy things from small businesses rather than chains so I got it from Amici’s in Suffolk and I think their pizza is a million times better than places like Pizza Hut! I did very well and had 2 small slices of pizza (believe me I wanted more!) and only had 1 (albeit large) glass of wine. Now that I haven’t been drinking very much I feel alcohol so much quicker, one glass almost knocked me out!

Tuesday I got up and did a T25 workout even though I was still feeling that wine a little… guess I overdid it a bit, woops! Then we went out for fish and chips and beer at a great British Tavern in Newport News, we had never been there before and decided to make it an adventure!

fishandchips            pint

Now I know fish and chips are terrible for you, and I only ate half of it and didn’t even order beer (small victories right?).
Honestly though, we just couldn’t go to a British Pub and not get fish and chips! Later in the afternoon we just did a little shopping and took our first trip to Trader Joe’s! OMG I have never been in a grocery store where I honestly wanted to try EVERYTHING. They have so many fresh and interesting things to try! Garrett and I decided to buy a few crazy snacks, we also got a beer and an apple cider for when we got home. Our snacks were: chocolate covered potato chips, wasabi seaweed, and chilli flavored dried mango. All three were pretty amazing! I wasn’t a huge fan of the seaweed, but it was Garrett’s favorite. The potato chips were to DIE for! I only ate three (yay!), and the chilli flavored mango was delicious too- it was the perfect blend of spicy and sweet! After all this delicious and some not so nutritious eating I still managed to keep track of all my calories and stayed (mostly) within my calorie goal. I am pretty proud of myself! Today I got right back into my T25 workout and had a green smoothie with chia seeds I got at Trader Joe’s (love that place!!). Now I think I might try some more chia seed recipes soon!


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