Weigh in Saturday

Good morning everybody! So Saturdays are going to be my weigh in day, and today I am happy to report that I lost 1 lb this week! Can I get a praise Jesus?! That brings me down to weighing 161 lbs, and being that I started at 172 that leaves me feeling pretty awesome. I tried to get a picture of my scale saying my new weight but unfortunately getting my scale and my phone to coordinate didn’t happen, so maybe next week, haha!

Yesterday I got in 2 T25 workouts (Fridays are double days… ugh!) and I am pretty sore, which is a great feeling! It makes me feel like I really worked hard! I am also proud to say that the hand weights I’m using are getting too easy and it’s time for me to up their weight to 10 lbs. I know it will be difficult at first but it will really pay off eventually!

I have been keeping up the calorie counting, and it is really getting to be a habit now. Plus the more foods I put into it the easier it is so I don’t have to look up things quite so often. It has been a very freeing experience for me to eat unhealthy foods whenever they work in my calorie count for the day- which means I don’t have a cheat day, every day can be one if I want! In addition, I am totally obsessed with chia seeds. I have had them in smoothies, made chia pudding, and sprinkled them on top of my fruit. I don’t know if this is a placebic effect, but I think they are really helping my acid reflux as well since my symptoms have been lowered greatly since I started eating them. Yaaay for natural solutions to health problems! I have no intentions of taking prescription medication forever so any natural remedy I can come up with is a plus for me. No new recipes to share for today but I’ll keep you posted!

Have a healthy happy Saturday y’all! πŸ™‚


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