Lettuce Wraps

This morning I got up and did an upper body workout from T25- and it was awesome! I used to absolutely hate anything upper body because my arms are so weak- I can still barely do more than 2 pushups, but I have really began to enjoy strength training in general. I have been using 5 lb weights for years, but now that my strength has improved so much I have decided to move up to 10 lb weights next week. I know it will be super tough at first, but I will be so much stronger and I’m (mostly) looking forward to it! I also had a green smoothie, the perfect way to start the day!

Last night Garrett made dinner (score!), and it was a PF Chang’s copycat recipe of lettuce wraps.


Now, I know these are supposed to be an appetizer but we just ate it as dinner, and we ate the whole thing! It was awesome and will probably make it into our dinner rotation once a week now. You can find the recipe here. I just added La Choy lo mein noodles to mine it give it more crunch, and it was delicious.

Have an awesome day!


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