Saturday Weigh in and Birthday Celebrations!

Happy Monday!!

Saturday I did my usual weigh in and praise the Lord, another pound down! That makes a total 7 lbs lost since I started T25. Yaaaay!

Saturday was my 27th birthday, and I started the day off with a veggie omlette, and then Garrett and I went canoeing at Merchant’s Millpond.


Garrett always says he hates canoeing, so I can only get him out there on the water when it’s my birthday! Though, he doesn’t seem to mind it too much once we get out there. And we saw an alligator!! I have never seen one in the wild and it was awesome!

Then we went to Norfolk and saw Cinderella… ladies, this is an amazing movie. If you are or have ever been a Cinderella fan, you have to see it! It is truly magical! πŸ™‚

After that Garrett, my sister, her fiance and I went to Freemason Abbey for dinner. The drinks were AMAZING!


The appetizers were great too, but my entree I was not too impressed with. It was good and we had a great experience, but I kindof doubt we will go back. They did give me a free Freemason Abbey glass since it was my birthday though!

Garrett also made me a birthday cake (which he did not allow me to take a picture of) and gave me earrings and a necklace! Plus heΒ me an iPhone 6!!! I have such a sweet husband!

Then Sunday my sister and I did a Doodles & Dots painting class at church, which was so fun!


The painting part is fun, but it was even more fun just spending time with other women talking and having fun!

Now, on to the less happy part of my weekend… my health and fitness journey took a step back this weekend. 😦 I did not do well at all with healthy eating. I ate even worse on Sunday than I did on Saturday! I ate WAY too much birthday cake and didn’t get in hardly any fruit or vegetables at all. But I did get right back into it today, and did a T25 workout and had a green smoothie. I plan on eating as clean as possible all week so make up for my 2 days of eating terribly! Also, as a cherry on top I felt really really sick this morning from all my unhealthy eating. I still got through my workout but I was not feeling very good. I am definitely disappointed in myself but hey, I knew I would stumble occasionally. The important thing is that I’m picking myself back up and getting right back into my healthy eating and fitness routine!

Garrett is gone for training all week, so I will have plenty of time this week to cook, work out, and hopefully even clean the house more than usual! Have a great week! πŸ™‚


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