Saturday Weigh in

Dear Wine,

You are very sneaky. You are made of grapes, which makes me think you are healthy. But you are full of calories! Please find a way to make yourself calorie free, or at least less calories? I need you in my life!



This week I lost 1 lb! That puts me at 157. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am very happy to be down 1 lb.


That is 1 less pound I have to carry around with me. But, since I didn’t lose any last week I thought for sure I would be down 2. I am blaming this on wine, as I drank copious amounts of wine on Wednesday after a rather trying day at work. Garrett and I shared a rather… er, large bottle of wine. For my pre-weight loss self, this is not unusual. However, when trying to lead a healthy lifestyle it is a bit of a stumbling block! At the time I rationalized that wine can’t have THAT many calories, I mean it comes from grapes! Oh, how wrong I was. I calculated my calories Thursday morning and those glasses of wine came to over 500 calories! Ouch!!

If anyone knows of a good low calorie wine, I would be forever thankful. I mean, I have given up coffee because of my acid reflux. I don’t know if I can handle giving up wine too, give a girl a break!

To take a break from this rant, I have a great snack idea for you! Last night after I got home from work and the grocery store I was absolutely pooped. I had no desire to cook anything or to even eat anything very heavy since it was almost 9 pm. Also, I had a major sweet tooth after walking by all those cakes and icecream at the grocery store. So, I made myself a fruit parfait, and it hit the spot!


It had 1/2 cup plain greek yogurt (flavored with truvia and vanilla), 1/4 cup strawberries, 1/4 cup bare naked almond granola, and 1 tbsp dark chocolate chips. Yummm! This came to 279 calories. It filled me up, and took care of my sweet tooth. Perfect!

I hope everyone has a truly lovely Easter. I would like to put in a little plug that Easter is not about chocolate or bunnies, it is about Jesus Christ. I hope you can spend it with your loved ones celebrating all the wonderful things God has done for you! 🙂


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