Happy Friday!

Today I got in a 3 mile run with a half mile cool down, and it was awesome!


 This morning was one of those perfect North Carolina spring days. The bees were a buzzin’ and the flowers were a bloomin’! It was warm with a cool breeze and the sun was shining. Just perfect! I also did an upper body workout. I brought my matt and my weights outside- I just couldn’t stand to go inside on such a beautiful day! 

My upper body workout was:

  • Bicep curl x 12
  • Tricep kickback x 12
  • Military press x 12
  • Pushup x 12
  • Tricep dip x 12
  • Front arm raise x 12
  • Side arm raise x 12

Do this 3 times and your arms will be spaghetti the rest of the day, hahaha!

Have a healthy happy weekend y’all! πŸ™‚


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