Lemon Tilapia and Vietnamese!

Happy Monday! This morning I did the 21 Day Fix Cardio Fix, which was easier than the Full Body Cardio, but not much! And sneaky Autumn makes you think you are doing 4 rounds and then she sneaks in a 5th one! I followed that up with my most delicious green smoothie ever!

Yesterday Garrett and I spring cleaned our house! Which we have never done before in the 2 years we have been in our apartment, so I’m sure you can imagine the grime, haha! But I am very proud of our efforts- we cleaned out our “junk” room, and scrubbed pretty much every surface of our kitchen and bathroom. One thing I hadn’t expected is how awesome the apartment smells- it just smells so darn clean. I think I might try to do this sort of thing every 2-3 months instead of every 2 years, haha!

After all that hard work we decided to head to Chesapeake to run a couple errands, and of course go out to eat. We hardly ever eat out, Garrett and I cook 90% of our meals usually. But when we take day trips to other places we usually like to go out to eat at our favorite places, with food we absolutely could never make and it taste nearly as good. We are foodies, I totally admit that. 🙂 We decided on Vietnamese, which is relatively new for me, the first time I had ever eaten Vietnamese food was about a year ago. I do not even remember what this was called, but it was delicious!

Vietnamese food

It was rice vermicelli with grilled beef, tons of veggies, peanuts, and fish sauce. YUM. Being a good blogger, I should have taken a picture first and THEN started eating. But it looked so good I couldn’t stop myself!! This dish tastes like a really great salad- it has so many different flavors and textures! Plus it is pretty healthy. I have no idea how many calories this was, and I only ate about half of those noodles and I ate all of everything else! After eating this, we went over to Harris Teeter and I got some fish sauce to start eating at home with salads. Fish sauce is fermented fish with a bunch of spices and vinegar- it sounds absolutely disgusting, I know. But it really isn’t!!

Last night I wanted to fix something for dinner that would be quick and easy, so I made lemon tilapia with zucchini and squash. It was delicious!


To cook the tilapia, I took 2 fresh filets and put them in a greased baking dish. I sprinkled some lemon pepper seasoning, added some salt and pepper too. I put 1/2 tbsp of butter on each filet, and also poured about 1 tbsp of lemon juice on each filet. Then I sprinkled a little chopped dill on each one, and baked them at 375 for 15 minutes.

Once they were done, I put a cream cheese sauce on them. This sauce was 2 tbsp of cream cheese which I put in the microwave, then I stirred in some lemon juice until it was the consistency I wanted. I put half of the sauce on each filet, and sprinkled the filets with a little more chopped dill. Tasty!

While the fish were in the oven, I cooked the zucchini. First, I cooked 3 pieces of chopped bacon in a frying pan. Then I added the chopped vegetables: 2 zucchinis, 2 yellow squash, and 1/2 an onion. I added salt and pepper and stirred them until they were tender.

Such a quick and easy meal, and healthy too! This meal came to about 300 calories. Proof that a low calorie meal can taste absolutely delicious.

Have a healthy happy week!


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