Beach Day

Hey guys! As predicted, I had the most epic weekend to end all weekends… and I am DOG. TIRED. I didn’t even work out this morning, I think my body needed a little extra rest today!

Friday night our friends got to town, so we stayed up late drinking wine and playing board games! Because we don’t see our friends all that often, of COURSE we stayed up until 3 am! So I think this morning was just trying to make up for a weekend of tons of fun and not enough sleep, haha!

Saturday we headed to the Outer Banks, where we put putted…. Which may or may not have involved copious amounts of cheating… 😉

Then we got icecream! Now in this instance, I’m sort of proud of myself. For lunch I only ate half of the food on my plate. Now, it wasn’t particularly healthy food, but my only eating half of it is an improvement because I usually would have eaten it all! And when we had this delicious brownie sundae:

Ice cream!

Garrett and I shared it. Normally I would have insisted that I had my own sundae, but I realized that is crazy! I think everything is ok to eat in moderation. MODERATION being the operative word!

Then we sat out on the beach and just enjoyed the afternoon!


The weather was a little odd though, when we got there it was sunny and warm, but then a weird fog came in and it got really cold! Oh well, that’s the Outer Banks for ya.

We went out for dinner at a Szechuan Chinese restuarant in Virginia Beach, and it was amazingggg! We tried these bubble pancakes- last time I went there I kept seeing people with them and I was practically drooling, so I order one this time!


They’re sortof like puffy flat bread with a dipping sauce. So good! Then I ordered lamb chops, which is something I have never had before.


Equally delicious! Hey, I warned you guys we were foodies. All in all, a truly awesome Saturday!


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