Color Me Rad 5K!!!

If you have ever thought about doing a Color Me Rad 5K but you think “Well maybe it’s over rated, maybe it really isn’t that much fun”, you need only to look at my face to know the truth:

Color run

It was LITERALLY the most fun I have ever had running! It’s basically a free-for-all to act like kids! Throw colored powder and buckets of neon gel on absolute strangers! It is not only acceptable, it is expected! In my opinion, this is the ultimate in making fitness fun. We had several people in our group that HATE cardio, and they had a blast running with everybody else for 3 miles! And at the end we all said the same thing- it didn’t even feel like 3 miles. I wanted to run it again!

color me rad

Now, I will admit I didn’t run as much as I would have liked. There were so many people there that it made it hard to run around everyone. And in some places, the path was so narrow it would have been a bit dangerous to run around all those people. That being said, it was still the most fun I have ever had running. Our team was called “Do or Dye” and we had our own t shirts made, thanks to my brilliant sister!

So this is our team before picture:

do or dye

Oh, we were so clean back then. Aaaaand our after picture:


And I say again.



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