Vacation Part II: Boston

It’s almost impossible to put into words how much I loved Boston… of the American cities I have been to, I think Boston is the most beautiful!


Garrett and I don’t have a lot of money to spend on vacations, so we chose a road trip to Boston because we wouldn’t have to fly, and we could stay with family. Having someone to show us around Boston made it so much more amazing! We got to see places Garrett and I probably would never have thought to go.

Our first day there, we got to Garrett’s uncle’s house in Cambridge, which is just over the river from Boston. We walked around Cambridge some, and explored the restaurants and stores in that area. We tried a tapas place called Kikas for the first time, and loved it!


They live in such a sweet neighborhood full of adorable houses and sweet people! I had always heard people that live up north are rude, but in my experience that was untrue. We met nothing but sweet people during our whole trip! I will say people seem to be a bit more blunt, but I liked that!

The next day we walked all around town, and I swear each street was more beautiful than the one before it. Gorgeous churches and amazing modern architecture everywhere you look! AND I got to see the Boston Marathon finish line. This made my little runner’s heart so happy!

Finish line

We walked around the park, which was of course gorgeous.


Garrett tried out some panoramic shots on my iPhone! But of course none of them do it justice. Just a beautiful city!



We also had beers in a pub called the Green Dragon, which is where Paul Revere along with others first started plotting the American Revolution.

Green Dragon

It made us feel very patriotic! The funniest part is that when we were walking out, a man dressed as a Revolutionary War British general walked in! After touring around, we took a walk around Harvard, and then went out to little Italy for dinner. I swear, that place felt like I was in a scene from The Godfather.

Little Italy

The streets are very narrow, and the whole neighborhood feels really old. It was SO COOL. We went out for pizza at Regina’s, which was the best pizza I’ve ever had. I honestly feel like all pizza will fall short after eating this pizza…


That place must go through pounds of basil every day! Everything was so fresh, it was just amazing! Then I took a picture of Boston at night. I love how everything in a big city feels so alive and full of excitement!BostonGo to Boston. NOW!


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