Happy Girl

Happy Girl

Over the last few weeks my workouts and healthy eating habits have been lackluster at best… all last week I took off working out because of everything I had going on and then I got back into my routine yesterday.

I woke up early and did an hour of yoga, and followed that up with a green smoothie. It’s amazing, after going only 1 week out of my routine, how hard it is to get back into it! I felt awesome after the yoga, and made a promise to myself that the rest of the day would be fantastic and full of good decisions! And, it totally was! πŸ™‚

My husband and I have spent little to no time together for the last month or so because we have both been so busy with work and other things… and I think I got a little depressed because I wasn’t with my other half! Yesterday was our first day together in 4 weeks where we had NO plans and just spent the day together doing fun stuff. We went out to lunch at my favorite Thai restaurant (where I ordered a dish very heavy on veggies for the first time, and it was awesome!), and followed that up with Jurassic World in 3D!! I am a Jurassic Park freak and loved the new one so much!

After that we shopped around a little and I had enough calories left for the day that we decided to go to Coldstone and I had icecream… for dinner! Did I mention I love calorie counting and not “dieting”?! It was delicious and was the perfect end to a perfect day. πŸ™‚

With that said, it was still hard for me to get up this morning and work out. BUT I DID. Getting back into that routine is never easy for me but it’s important that I do it, and I am so happy I did. I just don’t feel like myself when I’m not working out and eating good things for my body!

Soon I will be back to posting new workouts and recipes, and I promise my hiatus is over, haha! Because I’m back to being a happy girl!


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