4th of July and Dealing with Weight Loss Struggles!

Happy Monday!! Can I start by saying how amazing the US Women’s Soccer team was last night?! 4 goals in 15 minutes!!!

This morning it totally felt like a slow sluggish Monday morning, so thankfully Songza had a playlist for “A Case of the Mondays” that got me going at work, haha!

This past weekend I had 3 days off work with my husband, and that never happens! It felt like a mini vacation! We had lots of Garrett’s family in town this weekend because his granddaddy turned 90 and we had a party for him. Does he look anywhere close to 90 to you?!

4th of July

His granddaddy is honestly the cutest man ever. He said at his party “I’ve had a life with everything I could ever want.” and he meant it. I feel like people like that are so rare and that philosophy is so hard to come by. Garrett’s family is very musical and they all play instruments and sing country music together! His granddaddy said he had always wanted to play at the Grand Ole Opry so his family put up a projector with the Grand Ole Opry in the background while he played… it was so sweet!

I can also say that the dress I wore to the party was one I haven’t been able to fit into in YEARS. Woop woop!

Saturday morning I weighed myself, and I was at 153, which is ok! I think I may still keep weighing myself every Saturday but unless there is a change I will probably not do a post. Every Saturday I used to be really excited and nervous about what the number on the scale would be, because I was working hard every day to lose that pound or two. Right now I still want to lose about 18 lbs, and I am not working hard toward that goal every day. I am really starting to find my motivation and inspiration again though!

I have had some real struggles with keeping up the motivation lately, I’m not going to lie. I could have a blog that consistently has me weighing 1 lbs less every week, but the truth is weight loss is hard. It is a daily struggle. I have lost weight before and gained it back, so I don’t have the best track record. I had a couple days where I was doing a lot of emotional eating and just feeling terrible mentally and physically.

I have moved past that I think, at least the emotional eating alone. There is still something in me that has trouble eating when I am actually hungry when I am with other people though! When I am with my family or friends, particularly at restaurants, sometimes I just decide to eat when I am definitely not hungry or I don’t make good choices. That is my goal in the future, to move away from overeating and making bad food choices because I feel pressured from other people. It can cause a snowball effect for me which is no good!

I have at least been keeping up my calorie counting. No, I have not kept my calories within my goal every day, or even most days. That is another goal for me this week! To stay below my goal every day, which is usually 1300-1400 calories a day.

Today I did about 40 minutes of yoga, which felt amazing!! I followed that up with a greek yogurt parfait with some fruit and granola- yum!

Yes, this journey is tough. Yes, it requires patience and hard work. But it is totally worth it!


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