Saturday Weigh in and Breakfast!

Good morning!

I weighed myself this morning and realized… I lost the 4 lbs I gained over the last few weeks. Wooohooo! I think it’s amazing how quickly that weight went away. Healthy food and plenty of exercise always win out, haha! I actually found myself missing my morning workout this morning ( always take Saturdays as rest days) so that’s always a good sign… I’m loving being back in my morning workout routine. Plus the weather is getting a bit cooler, which is amazing for long runs outside.

This morning I had a really quick and tasty breakfast!

Quick breakfast!

This is a toasted whole wheat bagel with a little bit of light margarine, a fried egg and a piece of bacon. Such a filling and delicious meal for less than 400 calories! The rest of the day I’m planning on getting in plenty of fruit and veggies, because tonight I’m going to my sister’s wedding lingerie shower. I love to embarrass my little sister so tonight will be full of laughs for sure!!

Have a healthy happy weekend y’all. πŸ™‚


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