Weekend Recap with Yoga Detox

This weekend was full of wedding excitement and girly time! It was SO fun, and SO exhausting, haha!

Saturday night we had a lingerie shower for my sister, who is getting married in October. She does not like having all the attention on her, and she gets embarrassed really easily. A perfect mixture for the funniest EVER lingerie shower!!

Lingerie shower!

We played games, wore coconut bras, laughed by the light of tiki torches! Such a fun night. Then yesterday we had a shower at church that was considerably more subdued, haha! Needless to say, I am totally exhausted today. Sunday morning I woke up with my tummy not feeling very happy at all… could it be from the delicious cupcakes and candy from the night before?! I was very short on time, but I knew I wanted to get a workout of some sort in so I cruised YouTube and found the perfect workout!

This video gets your heart pumping while giving all your muscles a nice stretch and helping your digestive track along with several different abdominal twists. I highly recommend it, and will probably be doing this video over and over again!


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