Day 1 of 21 Day Fix!

Happy Thursday!

I had originally planned on starting 21 Day Fix yesterday but that didn’t happen. Instead I had the opportunity to go the gym with Garrett, which NEVER happens.

Pumpin' Iron!

I absolutely LOVE working out with Garrett and I’m glad we got the chance to do that together! I did 30 minutes of intervals on the elliptical which worked my glutes and quads to death. I am seriously feeling that from yesterday. Then I did some upper body work on the weight machines. I coach Garrett on his running, and he helps set me straight on weight lifting. 🙂

I did the Total Body Cardio video this morning, and happily marked an X on day one of my 21 DF calendar! Only 20 more days to go, haha! In an effort to jump start my body getting healthy and losing weight (I still have a goal of losing about 20 lbs) I have been eating super clean lately, and will try to keep that up for the remaining 20 days. My post workout fuel this morning was:

Post workout fuel

Grapes and half a banana drizzled in honey, with 2 boiled eggs. Often I really try to think of food as “fuel” instead of just food, because that’s exactly what it is! If I think about the fact that the food I eat affects the way I feel and the way my body performs, I’m more likely to choose healthy options.

Here’s to choosing healthy options! Have an awesome day! 🙂


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