Sunday Hike!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Sunday was a pretty cold day for October here, the high was about 50 and it was super windy, but I got in a hike anyway with my mom, sister, and Sadie (it’s hard getting Sadie in a picture, but you can see her on the left side, haha!) Fall is the perfect time to get outside. Sadie just couldn’t stand all the creeks and such we walked by and HAD to jump in one… that was a fun car ride home  -_-


This was my pre-hike breakfast:


Half a whole wheat bagel with reduced fat cream cheese, 2 boiled eggs, sliced strawberries, and cran-raspberry juice! I have been obsessed with this juice lately.


I’ve been drinking it with my breakfast and I have been making home made MammaChia drinks. If you’ve never had them, it’s basically just chia seeds soaked in juice. So simple!

Homemade Mamma Chia! 2 tbsp chia seeds, add juice of your choice. Shake it up and let soak over night!

It’s super refreshing plus it’s more like a snack than a drink. Chia seeds are so good for you, so I try to sneak them in my diet whenever I can.

Home Made MammaChia

  • 2 tbsp chia seeds
  • juice of your choice (I used Cran-Raspberry)

I used a MammaChia bottle but you could use anything! Pour chia seeds and as much juice as desired into container, and give it a good shake. Place in refrigerator, and shake again in about 30 minutes to get all clumps out. Let seeds soak overnight, or even several days. Then enjoy! 🙂


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