Take Care of Yo’self!


After a brief respite from blogging, come the new year I am jumping feet first right back into it! I have SO missed blogging but have been a bit low on inspiration. I feel like so many people make physical fitness something to please other people (fitting into society, looking more attractive to the opposite sex) rather than it being for yourself. Well I’m here to tell you, your physical fitness will have no real staying power if you don’t do it for yourself.

Instead of focusing on a great body, I think the focus should be on general health and self care. So many of us (not just women, but everyone!) beat ourselves up when we fail. Have some compassion for yourself, just like you would for a friend!

I know that self care looks different for everyone, but if you really don’t know where to start these are the things that I HAVE to do in order to be my best, happiest self.

  • Study my Bible and journal about what I’m feeling every day. For me, it is so easy to slip into self doubt. Reading and journaling about my life and my relationship with Jesus is super important.


  • Spend time with the hubs. He is my other half in every way and spending time with him makes me feel loved and treasured.


  • Get my 30 minutes of exercise in daily. For me, this includes running, yoga, and strength training.


  • Drink ridiculous amounts of water. I drink this entire bottle of water every morning before I head out to work. At work I drink water the entire day!


  • Eat healthy food that tastes good. Preferably that I have made myself!


  • Spend time outside. Doing whatever! Canoeing, fishing, hiking, just taking a walk! Spending time in the outdoors makes me feel free and close to the Creator.


As you contemplate the new year think of the things that YOU need for self care. Figure out what makes you your best, happiest self and make them a priority!



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