Welcome to Healthy Happy Kelly! I’m Kelly, and this is my blog where I challenge myself to be healthier and happier every day! Starting March 1, 2015 I plan to start my healthy lifestyle and keep it going for an entire year. I’m hoping a blog will keep me more accountable selfiebecause between you and me, I have really never kept my health as a priority. I’ll getΒ all excited about a new workout plan or a new diet regimen, and then a month later I’m right back where I started. My plan is to lose about 30 lbs. To some this may not seem like a mountain to climb, but for me it seems like an unattainable goal. My entire life I have wanted to be thinner, and feel better. Self esteem has never come easily for me, and I want to feel comfortable in my skin for the first time ever. So come join me as I work towards a healthier and happier Kelly!

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