Trip to the Smokies!

Happy Saturday! After a camping trip to the Smokey Mountains here in NC, part of me really misses hearing a stream and frogs when I go to sleep at night. The other part of me is REALLY happy about sleeping in a bed that is not an air mattress, and being able to blow dry my hair. πŸ™‚

All in all Garrett and I had an amazing trip being “unplugged” from the rest of the world. I think it does you a ton of good to do that every once in a while! I ate mostly healthy throughout the trip, and got in plenty of hiking and just walking a lot! It can be hard to eat fruit and vegetables when you’re camping because you don’t have refrigeration. I took apples, mandarin oranges, and carrots. All those did wellΒ without refrigeration so when we ate meals that weren’t as healthy as I liked, I just sneaked in those for a boost of veggies and fruit!

We started out our trip in Asheville walking around that town, it’s always full of surprises and interesting people!

Asheville Brewery

We got pizza and beer at a brewery there, and it was awesome!

The next few days Garrett did some fishing (he caught 16 trout!), and we hiked all around Smokemont. I got some really beautiful pictures!

Bees buzzing


Me after a long (and steep) hike! Loved every minute of it! πŸ™‚

Clingman's Dome

I think now Garrett and I have been bitten by the camping bug! We have been looking at camping equipment and fishing gear since we got home, haha!