Weekend Catch Up!

Happy Monday!

Yesterday was awesome! I went to a nursing home with a group from my church and we sang for a few people there and prayed for them, which sounds depressing but it is always an uplifting experience for me. Us singing makes such a difference for the people there, and they are always so thankful and sweet!

After church we had a meal celebrating our new building recently being paid off (yay!), and I ate mostly vegetables, with a bite or two of macaroni and cheese (of course!). When my church has covered dish meals, ya’ll they are just the best. We have so many amazing home cooks! There were tons of cute and delicious desserts in the shapes of bunnies and such…. and I had self control this time! I only ate a bite or two of 3 desserts…I couldn’t pick just one! Usually I would pile my plate high and eat it all, and maybe even go back for seconds. But not this time, I learned my lesson with my birthday weekend!

After church I had some cuddle time with Garrett before he went to work, and then I got in a great 45 minute yoga video and a green smoothie. Perfect Sunday! πŸ™‚

Today I got in a T25 workout and another green smoothie. And, I’m happy to say my knee is giving me a lot less trouble. I foam rolled again today, so hopefully it’s helping???

Have a happy healthy week! πŸ™‚


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